Wall decals are nothing but wall stickers. They're those peel-and-stick matte paper or vinyl materials complete with a pattern, design, or graphic. These are often bought to beautify walls and to achieve a special level of aesthetic appeal. There are various sizes, patterns, and styles for wall decals. Each kind is given a name according to its type like nature, superhero wall decals, artistic, polka dots, etc.

Making Your Decision:

When you are firmly set to buy wall decals, consider the theme that you are going to use in a large room. Always keep in mind that environments can evoke different moods, depending on the design that you use. Since this is so, you need to find decals that are complementary to your mural and even one that reflects your individuality.

There are many ways that you can use these beautiful wall decals. At home, they can be used as an accent to your wall. In dorm rooms, they can be used to personalize a student’s bed space. In an office, a wall graphic can showcase the nature of the job or it can be used to add liveliness for increased productivity. When used in the right manner, they can even be used as educational or instructional materials for young kids. This is true with bird, alphabet, or animal decals.

Compared to wallpapers, wall decals can be easily removed without causing any kind of damage to walls or the paint. You can also reposition the graphic if you want it placed elsewhere. Wall decals add a unique touch to any interior. You can even have your lifestyle reflected with the use of designs that you really love. Ready to say goodbye to boring walls as these wall decals can convey ideas that ordinary paint won’t be able to do.

Steps to Apply Your Wall Decal or Stickers:

Get the Decal Ready: Place the graphic sheet on a flat surface with the white side up. Press firmly over the complete sheet with the provided plastic card to make sure that the sticker transfers to the paper.

Make Sure To Have A Smooth Surface: Before starting to redesign your space with wall decals, clean your wall or surface. Ensure it's smooth, dry, and free of dust and dirt. Just use a cloth to get the job done!

Picture The Layout: Plan your layout by cutting roughly around the individual graphics and arranging them on your surface using masking paper until you are pleased with your design. Remember that you can remove the stickers once applied, but you will not be able to reuse them.

Paste The Decal: Make sure to apply the decal evenly, slowly pressuring the bubbles out. Face the self-adhesive side of the sticker with the transfer sheet facing the surface, start from a top corner, and gently peel off the white backing from the transfer sheet. Ensure that none of the sticker pieces are left on the backing paper; in case it does, simply stop peeling, roll back a small amount, and repress the decal onto the transfer tape.