1. What surfaces can wall stickers be installed on?

Wall stickers can be applied to paint, glass, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirror, drywall and vehicles as well as many more.

When applying your sticker, please note they are applied the best when the wall has been painted with normal, matt emulsion. Some glossy, silky, washable paints or special effect paints, like light reflecting paints, can be difficult to apply a wall sticker to due to their chemical properties.

2. Do wall stickers damage walls?

No - The high quality of our stickers and adhesive prevent damage to your wall.

3. Can I create a custom sticker?

Yes, you can customize certain wall stickers with your name on it.

4. Can stickers be used outside?

Yes – Wall Stickers are made for indoor and outdoor use, however, this may affect their lifespan

5. Are wall stickers easy to apply?

Yes - The installation process is quick and simple. Just follow our guide found here .

6. Can you put wall stickers on mirrors?

Yes - Wall stickers can be used on mirrors.

7. Can wall stickers be reused?

No – Wall Stickers are designed for a single use.

8. Are wall stickers waterproof?

Stickers can be applied in high-moisture areas such as a bathroom or outdoors, however, this may have an effect on their lifespan.

9. Can wall sticker be repositioned?

No - Following installation, wall stickers are in a fixed position. They can be moved during installation though.

10. How do I install my wall sticker?

Installation of your wall sticker is quick and simple. Just follow our guide click here.

11. My sticker came in sections - Is this normal?

If stickers are large, they may be sent in separate sections. If sent in sections, please line up each section and install each panel individually.

12. How long should I wait to install my wall sticker after painting a wall?

It’s recommended you wait at least three weeks after painting before applying your wall sticker.

13. Are wall stickers removable?

Yes - Wall stickers are easy to remove, just follow our simple guide click here.

14. Can you paint over wall stickers?

Wall stickers can be painted over, however, this is not recommended.

15. How do I know which wall sticker colour is right?

If you’re not sure which colour to go for, our colour chart sample is available.

If you’re still unsure, please contact our Customer Service Team for advice.

16. Is there a difference between wall stickers and wall decals?

No - Wall stickers and wall decals are the same things.

17. Can wall stickers be cut up before installation to move sections around?

Yes - Feel free to move any section around to create your own unique wall sticker design!